4 DIY Projects to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

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You did it! You just bought a house! Now comes the exciting time of moving in all of your things, decorating, and making your space feel like home. If you’re like me, this is where I tend to get stuck. I’m one of those people who is all about picking out design items for a home renovation project, but when it comes to decorating…lets just say that it’s not my strong suit! I’m forever envious of the beautifully decorated homes that I see when I’m out showing houses to buyers and try to take mental notes of things I can do to my own house. So, if you’re like me and need some ideas of where to start with your new, blank space – keep on reading!

01. Create Your Custom Home Scent

Which scents do you find yourself drawn to the most? Calming lavender or eucalyptus, mood-boosting citrus scents like lemongrass or grapefruit, or cozy fall scents, like pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple pie. Order yourself a diffuser and some essential oils that match your preference, then diffuse that scent every day to help make your space feel more like your home.

02. Create Your Own Mini Bar

Whether you are a coffee lover, wine connoisseur, or love to display rare bottles of bourbon (like my husband), set up a little designated space that is all yours to showcase whatever you fancy! Include some cute decor items, such as signage or faux greenery, and add in any accessories that go with it, such as a wine opener, whiskey glasses, coffee mugs, etc.

03. Always Have Fresh Flowers

Grab some cute vases and make your own flower arrangements. Head to Trader Joe’s for some options, or check out if there are any local farms offering “pick your own bouquet” days. They’re so nice to have around the house in the kitchen, coffee table, nightstand, bathroom counter, pretty much wherever you want! Every time you enter a room with fresh flowers, they grab your attention and add a nice, bright touch to the room.

04. Paint!

This is the probably the option that most people are not looking forward to, but paint can make such a huge difference when you move into a new place. If you were renting before, take advantage of the fact that you can now paint the walls whatever colors you want to! I always recommend painting before moving all of your stuff in (if you’re able to do that) just because it makes it a lot easier to not have to move everything out of your way. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration, then go get some samples of colors you like and put them on the wall. Give yourself a day or so to see them in all different kinds of light throughout the day & night, then decide which one you like best & get to work!

If you’ve recently purchased a home, which one of these DIY projects do you think you’ll tackle first to help make your new house feel like home?

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